Lay staff training Program

Achieve Comprehensive and Consistent Training for Your Entire Team

Tailor our pre-built training, craft custom courses, and streamline compliance. Ensure consistent training for every new hire and cover any role or topic.

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Course List

Pre-Built Organized Onboarding Lay Staff Courses

Customer Service Representative - New Hire
Technician - New Hire
Dental Technician
Patient Care Assistant
Patient Care Technician
Procedure Technician
Recovery Technician
Sedation Technician
Urgent Care Assistant
Urgent Care Technician
Course List

Key Components of Lay Staff Courses

Organize every aspect of lay staff training within courses.

Training Checklists

Streamline Training with Customized Checklists

Empower trainers to ensure uniform training for all staff through structured checklists for daily guidance. Easily create and manage training checklists covering a wide array of topics, and integrate them as needed, even across multiple courses. Enjoy the flexibility to personalize our pre-designed training checklists, specifically designed for technicians and customer service representatives, or create your own. This ensures that your training processes perfectly align with your practice's unique needs and objectives.

Documents & Videos

Enhance Your Training Initiatives

Enhance your courses with valuable documents and videos, whether they originate from within or outside your practice, to complement in-person training. Easily integrate your existing documentation and customize a range of included documents, spanning from SOPs to essential medical materials. Seamlessly integrate training videos created by your team or from external sources like YouTube. This comprehensive approach enriches your training initiatives.


Evaluate Knowledge and Gather Feedback

Evaluate essential knowledge and gather feedback using in-course assessments. Customize passing grades, time limits, course access during attempts, and feedback options to suit specific testing requirements. Incorporate various question types like multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer, with the option for file uploads. Integrate as many assessments as necessary for any topic within a course.

Course Features

Additional Course Features

Deadlines and deadline reminders

Automate course deadlines and trigger email reminders to ensure your team remains on track with their training.

Auto re-enrollment

Oversee compliance by establishing automatic enrollment periods for courses, ensuring your staff stays current with essential regulations and vital job-related information.

Assign prerequisites

Require staff to complete specific modules or courses before moving on to more advanced topics to broaden their skillset.

Frequently asked questions

If I own multiple practices, can I put all of them onto one platform?

Yes, you can manage training for multiple practices on a single platform, enabling streamlined management and efficient training across all your veterinary practices.

How long does it take to customize your content?

The length of customization truly depends on the needs of each veterinary practice. The amount of time will also be determined by the current training structure and resources your team already has in place. Updating pre-existing checklists and assessments on the platform is very straightforward, while rewriting an entire protocol may take a bit more time if you don’t already have a similar process in place. However, creating your first training course to address a specific training need can be accomplished on the first day you begin using your platform.

Who developed all of the content?

For our lay staff courses, we partnered with a large private practice in California that has 100 lay staff and 13 full-time equivalent DVMs. Their technician and CSR leads wrote all of the documentation that they currently use for their own teams.

Our DVM Mentorship Program, crafted by Co-Founder Dr. DeLano, originated from his firsthand adoption of the Organized Onboarding method in 2012, leveraging over a decade of experience mentoring veterinary students at UC Davis in communications and business to successfully onboard and mentor new associate DVMs.

How much does it cost for you to customize my content for me?

Content customization is priced at $75 per hour for the assistance of your dedicated support specialist to make changes to pre-existing content or to build new content to your specifications.

Can I share training content I’ve built with another practice that also uses Organized Onboarding?

Yes! To share courses between platforms, you’ll need to work with your support specialist. We highly encourage collaboration between practices and we are excited to be able to facilitate that level of knowledge sharing in the industry.

Why do I have to see a demo of the platform before I can sign up?

As our platform is not plug-and-play, we prioritize providing every potential customer with a firsthand experience of how it works to ensure a good fit for their team. We believe it’s important to get buy-in from key members of your team involved in managing training so that the Organized Onboarding platform can really become a key part of your practice’s mission for providing comprehensive onboarding and training. With no contract minimums, you have the flexibility to assess the platform overtime and decide on the duration that suits your needs.

Why do you charge based on active users?

We only want you to pay for a team member if they are active on the platform during any given month. The cost of Organized Onboarding reflects the degree that you utilize it for your team.

How much does support cost?

Ongoing support for implementing Organized Onboarding is free! Just by subscribing to the monthly platform fee, you’ll receive dedicated assistance from a support specialist who will train your team how to use the platform, answer any questions, and engage in high-level discussions to shape your platform's vision.

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