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Customizable Branding "It's Your Platform"

Custom Branding

An effective onboarding program consolidates your training resources all in one place.


We've designed our onboarding curriculum to give you the flexibility to fit it to your practice.

Course & content Management

At any moment, you should be able to assess how your DVMs and lay staff are advancing through their onboarding and training.

User Management

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Use our content, your content, or a combination of both to build your perfect program.


  • Upload documents, videos, and presentations in a variety of file formats and embed links to content hosted anywhere online

  • Organize your additional content into our pre-built courses or create your own courses from scratch

  • Add assessments and surveys to serve as checkpoints in the onboarding and training process


Connect your platform to the tools and content your practice already uses.

  • Integrate your platform with your HR software

  • Integrate your courses with embedded content hosted in G Suite, Office 365, YouTube, and more

  • Integrate courses with embedded content from 3rd party providers such as Zoetis, Hills, and Idexx

Course & content Management

User Management

Our platform makes managing users easy and provides valuable insights into their progress.


  • Set up staff as learners with user profiles that can be enrolled in courses, assigned to managers, and tracked through each step of the onboarding and training process.

  • Generate reports to get insights into your whole team's performance

  • Set deadlines with automated email reminders to keep your program on track


Onboarding is now truly synonymous with training-
onboarding no longer refers to the paperwork someone fills out
when they join a company.

Custom Branding

Your practice's learning platform is a potential marketing tool for attracting DVMs and lay staff. With Organized Onboarding, you will get your own custom-branded learning management platform.


Platform branding includes color and theming, logo, custom URL.

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