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High Level Customer Service Topic Mentorship: Meeting Topics & Agendas + Post-Meeting Self Reflections


  • Each week of the program ends with a mentorship meeting with the trainees' supervisor who leads a conversation about a high-level service topic.

  • The course includes a weekly mentorship guide outlining each topic as well as a post-meeting self-reflection that gives the trainee space to reflect on their understanding of the topic and indicate to their supervisor if they want to cover any of the content more in-depth.

High-level topic mentorship

High-level topic mentorship

suggested protocols
& more

suggested training checklists

& role expectations

Lay Staff

Here's how it works.

Your new staff members will be onboarded with the assistance of Trainers from your practice. Using our General Set-Up Guide, you'll select a trainer or trainers who will grade assessments and learning reflections, monitor progress, and schedule in-person trainings, department shadowing, and high level customer service topic mentorship meetings 

Before they get started they'll review expectations for managing the Organized Onboarding program for lay staff (documentation provided) and review the 4-week course curriculum.

You can also choose from different options to get started. Our out-of-the-box framework is ready for your team to use. Simply add practice-specific materials following our sample guides and get going right away!


For a more tailored start, you can select Specialized Set-Up and work with a member of our team to customize agendas, materials, and more to suit your specific needs. Click on a topic to find out more.

Suggested documentation for policies & procedures.


  • Following the topic-specific checklists are suggested training documents for trainees to preview and review as necessary.

  • Policies, protocols, and other important information can be spaced out and integrated into training at just the right time. 

  • These documents can be easily switched out with practice-specific documentation.

  • Original documents of any file format can also be added and organized in a logical way for trainees to review. 

suggested protocols
& more

​Topic-specific checklists with suggested training items / Suggested Training Checklists

  • Topic-specific checklists divide up training items into each week.


  • These checklists can be used to organize daily training as trainees shadow and are guided by their trainer.

  • Trainers check off completed training items and are able to write notes directly into checklists as they train.

  • Examples: Practice Management Software Introduction, Prescriptions at Check-Out, and Client Feedback vs. Internal Feedback

Department-specific Role Shadowing Materials

Week Four includes supporting materials for CSRs to shadow other departments to gain a better understanding of how the practice operates as a whole.


Materials include preview notes to help trainees learn key terms, processes, and relevant policies in preparation for shadowing as well as shadowing expectations checklists to guide the staff members the trainees spend time shadowing in each department. 

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Access to the platform.


Customized branding and masked URL.

Email-based Support Staff.

One hour of technical onboarding and introductory training.


Two 15 minute check-ins to help orient Mentors to the platform.


startup fee



Customize the courses yourself using our General Set-Up Guide or ask your Specialist about Specialized Set Up.


The Specialized Set-Up fee, which includes customization of content, is time-dependent.

$50 / hour of our time

It takes between 10-40 hours to customize a platform for an organization.




Pay for Monthly Active Use, only!


per Seat

each month

Active Users


Our $25 monthly platform fee ensures your materials and users are stored and maintained for as long as your practice uses the platform.

Once you get started you can choose from our Additional Services to customize your experience.

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suggested training checklists

& role expectations

Topic Mentorship

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