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Our unique role-play-based Mentor Meeting activities, Know Your Stories, brings real-world examples to life for your Mentors and Mentees. 

Together your team will begin to construct a shared base of knowledge from which to draw ideas and solutions to some of the most commonly faced challenges in the exam room and beyond.

know your stories

Mentoring a new member of your DVM team is best done thoughtfully and with great care. Mentorship in communications, surgery, medicine, and the systems, operations, and flow of your practice supports associate DVMs as they learn and grow.

We provide guidance for mentor selection and preparation, detailed agenda support, role-play-based in-person training, and more.

You can also choose from different options to get started. Our out-of-the-box framework is ready for your team to use. Simply add practice-specific materials following our sample guides and get going right away! 

For a more tailored start, you can select Specialized Set-Up and work with a member of our team to customize agendas, materials, and more to suit your specific needs. Click on a topic to find out more.

Here's how it works.

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Detailed Meeting

Training &

Associate DVM

Mentoring is fundamental to launching a new DVMs career.


We've built our DVM onboarding program around mentorship and offer additional support for preparing your mentors.

  • Meeting agendas with supporting materials for mentors to prep for meetings ahead of time

  • Mentor Round Up Meetings on Sundays to support the mentor journey with their mentees. (for an additional fee)

  • 60 minute presentation / discussion on successful mentorship (for an additional fee)

Curated & Diverse Content

We've combined over 17 years of experience across multiple practices and training universities to bring you courses rich in up-to-date best practices, learner-focused materials, and valuable tools. Our content includes key topics in medicine, surgery, and communications .

Our Mentor Check-Ins ensure that your team has the opportunity to ask questions and learn from some of the best mentors in the industry.

Keeping everything moving and everyone on track is a critical part of Onboarding success. 

In order to help make sure everyone is on the same page we've developed a few tools.

  • Detailed daily agendas make sure topics are covered in a timely manner and at a consumable pace.

  • Systems, Operations, and Flow Mentors (Quarterbacks) help keep everything moving along.

  • Check-ins, both in meetings and throughout the courses, ensure needs are being met while top-level tracking helps busy managers oversee progress.




Access to the platform.


Customized branding and masked URL.

Email-based support staff.

One hour of technical onboarding and introductory training.


Two 15-minute check-ins to help orient Mentors to the platform.


startup fee





“How to Be A Mentor”

One-hour virtual training session for your mentors

Mentor Round-Ups

Weekly virtual meetings

30 meetings annually



Up to four, 15-minute one-on-one virtual sessions to answer mentor's questions.

per practice

one-time fee



Customize the courses yourself using our General Set-Up Guide or ask your Specialist about Specialized Set Up.


The Specialized Set-Up fee, which includes customization of content, is time-dependent.

$50 / hour of our time

It takes between 10-40 hours to customize a platform for an organization.




Includes up to four mentors seats.

per DVM seat

each month




Our $35 monthly platform fee ensures your materials and users are stored and maintained for as long as your practice uses the platform.

Once you get started you can choose from our additional services to customize your experience.

training &

How it Works
Mentor Training
Daily Agendas
Currated Content

Curated & Diverse Content

Know Your Stories Roleplays

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